Eton College Library holds a major collection of Edward Gordon Craig books, artwork and ephemera. Presided over by Craig enthusiast and expert Michael Meredith, the collection began in the late 1980s with a chance acquisition of correspondence from Craig to his eldest daughter Rosie. The windfall led to meetings with Craig’s son Teddy, then a lively octogenarian. He helped the library locate many of the items that go to make up what is now one of the world’s most significant Craig collections, which is regularly consulted by scholars.

We sent three school students from Stevenage (Craig’s birthplace) to interview Michael Meredith in January 2017.

These videos feature Maisie-Jane Betts, Kitty Butterworth, Amy Shields and Michael Meredith of Eton College Library

With thanks to Michael Meredith, Sally Jennings, Hitchin TV and the Provost and Fellows of Eton College.

View the complete interview here.

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