Teaching Resources

We’ve created a free educational resource pack on Edward Gordon Craig for teachers of key stage 5 (16-18 years) drama and theatre studies courses.

The downloadable resources provide an introduction to the multi-faceted nature of Edward Gordon Craig’s work and offer practical, interactive and physical explorations of the theories and practices of this legendary theatre practitioner. Accompanying the pack are downloadable timelines, a mind map poster alongside newly digitised Craig designs and artwork.

The pack has been made with funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund and in association with the Estate of Edward Gordon Craig.

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The Who is Gordon Craig? project seeks to ensure that Key Stage 5 drama and theatre studies students are introduced to Edward Gordon Craig’s contribution to our theatrical culture and heritage. 

Based on a comprehensive study of key stage 5 drama and theatre studies teachers, there was unanimous confirmation that teaching resources about Edward Gordon Craig were limited when compared with those available for practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht. This study also revealed that this lack of a consolidated, comprehensive resource for teaching Craig’s work was a deterrent that prevented teachers from actively teaching and exploring Craig in their classrooms in substantive ways. Another hindrance was the belief among many key stage 5 educators that Craig was largely a designer who did not seem to espouse a coherent approach to acting/performance.

This educational resource package, along with the website and online material at www.edwardgordoncraig.co.uk, aims to fill the void in the available resources to teachers at this level. It provides a practical, interactive and physical exploration of the theories and practices of this legendary theatre practitioner.